Top of Endoscopy

On the Bürgenstock

Dear colleagues,

We look forward to welcoming you to the first «Top of Endoscopy» event on Friday, June 03, 2022, on the Bürgenstock mountain in the heart of Switzerland, about 500 meters above Lake Lucerne.

The new and modern advanced training format «Top of Endoscopy» is designed to enable a broad and interactive exchange of experience among colleagues. This event will focus on the following topics:




As an introduction to each of the three topics Swiss experts will discuss frequent questions from everyday life based on clinical cases interactively with your involvement. The respective topic is concluded with “State-of-the-Art Lectures” given by renowned European experts and with a special focus on techniques and methods that will be available in future.

We are convinced that you will benefit from interactive teaching by renowned experts from Europe and Switzerland, and that we will be able to offer you an interesting and compact conference. Due to the limited number of participants, we recommend that you register as soon as possible. Will you join us for «Top of Endoscopy»?

Patrick Aepli

Peter Bauerfeind

Remus Frei

Christoph Gubler